I've been to North America, it's time to get to Central. This is how the trip to Costa Rica was formed. Costa Rica is the richest country in the region, so mainly expats from poorer regions work here.
This country greeted me with a pouring rain that lasted for many hours, from which it immediately became clear that the most profitable business is selling umbrellas.

Everything is very well organized for the gringos here - tours, hotels, taxis, shuttle buses, a variety of entertainment is everywhere. In general, this country is not cheap. If you want to spend a lot - no problem, they will arrange such a vacation here that it is cheaper to fly into space. Traveling on a budget - okay, the main thing is to communicate more with the locals and experiment.

Costa Rica's slogan and lifestyle is Pura vida! It can be translated as "pure life" (literally), or "life is beautiful", or "live with pleasure", or don't worry - be happy. There are many options in different languages ​​of the world, the main thing is not to be upset, relax, enjoy, look - what a beauty around!
Pura vida is everywhere here - it's a wi-fi password, a greeting / goodbye, inscriptions on T-shirts and other souvenir little things, this is all of Costa Rica. Solid pura vida!

As one friend said, in Costa Rica it is worth worrying about which place is better to choose to watch the sunset. Everything else is little things.
The country is divided by two fundamentally different coasts - the Atlantic and the Pacific. From the Atlantic side, it is the warm Caribbean Sea rich in fish and corals. Here you can forget for a few weeks and have a great rest in Limone or Puerto Viejo. These places have a fairly characteristic hippie style and nearby Jamaica. This coast also has more greenery and moisture than the windy Pacific coast. Here are the nature reserves of Cahuita with amazing wildlife and underwater life and white sand beaches.

Huge waves hit the Pacific Ocean, so these places are loved by surfers and outdoor enthusiasts. For example, Jacó Beach and Playa Hermosa are huge beaches with gray sand and wonderful tides.
Costa Rica will be interesting even for those who are not a fan of beach holidays and prefer the mountains. In the center of the country there is a mountain range with a height of up to 3819 m. A hike to the Arenal volcano is the most popular tourist route; winding paths can lead almost to the very crater of the volcano. You can also hike in the mountains near the town of Turialba. In the center of Costa Rica, you can understand the life of the hinterland, which is very different from the bustling San Jose. Here people live slowly, all the shops close early, and the roads are pretty deserted. High in the mountains, many residents have their own farm with horses and cows.
And in the south-west of the country, where the calm Pacific bay, ocean turtles live.

All roads intersect in San Jose. Even in order to get from one nearest village to another, you need to drive to San Jose. It is a large green city, a bit like Barcelona. Well, it seemed to me. The city center is majestic, inspiring peace and tranquility. Although I would not say that it is safe here. Some areas of the city, especially where bus stations are located, are quite deserted and you need to be careful.
In the center of the city there is a beautiful green park where you can spend half a day just doing nothing.

Costa Rica is not the cheapest country in Latin America. The influence of the US and the dollar is felt here. Even the local accent is slightly American. Instead of the Spanish booming "r", they pronounce the American burr. It really hurts the ear, especially if you understand Spanish and are used to it in its present form.

Of course, a trip to Costa Rica is suitable for adherents of any type of vacation - whether it is mountain outdoor activities or beach fun and parties, gatherings in bars, or water activities, swimming with turtles, surfing and viewing the underwater flora and fauna. Green Costa Rica is also the ideal country to stay and live in. The mild climate, reasonable prices and good-natured people, the availability of natural resources, the simplicity and comfort of life - all this attracts not only US residents who are massively moving to this country, but also people from all over the world.