about me
"You don't need a suitcase to travel - you need a tongue and a blazing fire inside."
My travel blog has been an absolute must-read of the last almost five years. I share my impressions openly and sincerely in my projects, without embellishment and unnecessary "glamor". My projects not only introduce countries but inspire readers all over the world, give them travel ideas. This is inspiring and provides strength to move forward and be even more exciting and valuable for your readers!

How it all started

I was born on November 20, 1990, in the city of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region. From the very childhood, she was a very active and capable girl. She studied well, participated in school life, went in for sports. Best of all, I was given the study of English. My parents supported my hobby for foreign languages ​​and helped me develop in this direction.

I have always been light on my feet; I have always been attracted by unexplored horizons, new people, and countries. Passion for travel and foreign languages ​​determined my future profession. I met my first move from Magnitogorsk to St. Petersburg to enter a university with enthusiasm. And a few years later, in 2012, she already held in her hands a diploma of higher education from the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of the city of St. Petersburg, specializing in "Linguist-translator".

After graduation, I worked as a translator for international delegations from different countries. I tried to learn more about culture, traditions, life, interesting places, and sights on all trips. From the notes I made, interesting articles later turned out. Day after day, closely communicating with foreigners, I realized how superficial our knowledge of the life of people in other countries is. In 2016, I decided to change my life and set off to travel drastically! Knowledge of foreign languages ​​- English and Spanish - gave me an excellent opportunity to expand my geographies. This is how the travel blogger and journalist Elena Volkova was born: I created my website, within which I kept an author's blog, published a travel diary, and posted my thematic articles.
Author's blog

The popularity of my site grew every day, the readers became more and more, and the journalistic blog began to receive awards for unique and exciting content. In my work, I paid particular attention to educational work in the field of ecology. My social project "Eco-travel" is a series of articles in which, in the first place, reflects reality, the study of eco-hotels in the world; I tried to involve society in the problem of tourist ecological illiteracy. In December 2017, for the site and the project "Eco-friendly travel," I became a laureate of the All-Russian Internet award "Prometheus 2017" in the nomination "Socially significant project". I was awarded a diploma "For contribution to the digital industry and people's lives."

Well-known Russian media began to invite me to cooperate. I soon became the author of dozens of publications in top glossy magazines in Russia: Cosmopolitan, Elle, National Geographic, Marie Claire, etc.

I entered the top 10 famous Russian travel bloggers. The fame in the media and offer came from the TV program "Eagle and Reshka". For a long time, in the framework of cooperation with a rating TV show, I acted as an expert consultant to prepare unique author's routes for the program script.

Moving from Russia

In 2019, together with my husband Anton and our two-year-old daughter Olivia, we moved to the Dominican Republic, where I continued my journalistic activity using modern media channels: Instagram and YouTube. My blog became the first Russian-language blog about the Dominican Republic.

In the new media, my author blogs have become very popular and successful. The published materials have had a large-scale positive impact on attracting European tourists to the Dominican Republic. I was awarded the diploma "The best Russian-language bloc about the Dominican Republic" and received a personal award "For assistance in the development of active tourism in the country." As part of my activity, I worked on exclusive terms with the world's leading tour operators and well-known eco-hotels; as a travel expert, I provided commentary support for thematic articles in various media.
During a pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, when all borders between the countries were closed, I focused on promoting domestic tourism in Russia. Before leaving the country, I collected an extensive personal archive of photos and videos about Russian cities. I wanted to show that Russia is not only Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Golden Ring with my publications. We have the breathtaking nature of Lake Baikal, the Caucasus, Altai, cozy and enjoyable small towns. Domestic tourism along my routes has become very popular, and my project was awarded the diploma "For the best project in the field of domestic tourism."

I also actively collaborated with the famous Russian Holidays program on Russian Radio, where I was an invited expert consultant and helped draw up travel itineraries in Russia. The host of the program went along with famous Russian media figures.

My dream is USA

I managed to go international in the travel blogosphere, and my blog has shown excellent results in reach, audience engagement, and ad metrics. And the next global step for development was the move to America. I dreamed of seeing the United States with my own eyes and, through the prism of my perception, acquainting the multimillion army of subscribers of my author's travel blog with this multifaceted country so that they could feel the whole atmosphere of travel across the United States.