eco Travel Basics
I have been writing about the importance of eco-tourism for a long time, talking about the various opportunities in this area. Today I want to reveal the topic of eco-tourism itself and suggest how you can switch to this type of vacation.
One of the main principles of ecological travel is respect for the environment. How can this be achieved? It is very simple to always think about the environment. The smallest thing that can be done is trivial, not litter. But let's dive a little deeper.

Transport. The main source of all pollution in the world. And here, it would seem, is a hopeless situation, because without transport there can be no travel. Let's reduce the negative impact. Choose carriers that run on environmentally friendly fuels or on fuels with minimal emissions of toxic substances. Use trains or trams to travel within the country. You can easily get around the city on foot if you plan your route wisely.

Food. Tourists usually eat in take-out restaurants or shop in supermarkets. And this is a huge amount of disposable tableware and plastic bags. Bring water bottles with you, many cities and resorts have drinking fountains from which you can refill your bottles. If you ask to pour you coffee or tea in a cafe in your thermo mug, I am sure they will not refuse you. Even if they think that you are an eccentric tourist. Supermarkets can be replaced with farmers' markets, vegetables and fruits are usually much better there and there is an opportunity to taste local exotic for a penny.
Accommodation. Try to choose long-term stays, which minimizes room service, which means the release of chemicals during cleaning. For the same reason, do not overuse daily cleaning unnecessarily. Take your hygiene products. Firstly, hotels tend to use inexpensive, non-sustainable shampoos and shower gels, and secondly, it reduces the amount of waste: used bottles and soap bags.

Souvenirs. You are probably already tired of the same type of Chinese magnets. So maybe you should look for something interesting? Many local artisans make excellent, authentic widgets that will be a truly unique gift. Also, think of edible souvenirs. Yes, it is no longer surprising in our time, but you must agree that it is nice to get natural Italian wine from Italy or a traditional German pretzel. The main thing to remember about the storage time and duration of the flight