Eco-friendly rest in the homeland of Dracula
Romania is known to everyone as the birthplace of the prototype of Count Dracula - Prince Vlad Tepes. And it was here that the largest artificial disaster in Europe took place.
In 2000, almost the entire ecosystem of the Somes River was destroyed by a cyanide spill at the Aural gold mine in Baia Mare. Then about 100 thousand cubic meters of water contaminated with cyanide fell into a tributary of the Tisza River - the Somesh River. Ecologists estimated the damage at the rate of death of 80% of all aquatic fauna downstream. For a long time, fishing was prohibited in this place.

Today Romania closely monitors environmental standards at its factories, especially after joining the European Union; they need to adhere to European standards. That is why Romania is one of the tourist countries that attracts tourists with the beauty of nature and rich history. It's no joke, and it was here in the 15th century that the bloody prince of Wallachia, Vlad III Basarab, lived, from whom Bram Stoker wrote off his immortal hero, Count Dracula. Of course, the tourist flow in Romania is much less than in other European countries, but lovers of history, medieval castles, and fantastic stories come here every year.

Romania is famous for its beautiful views, river valleys, ancient villages, and delicious cuisine. Traveling by car, you can visit different cities and towns and enjoy the hospitality of the locals. And although Romania is a bit of a Gothic country, with a disturbing flavor, stories about vampires, witches, and other wickedness. People here are very responsive and open.
What can you see? Of course, the famous Bran Castle. This is a traditional castle of the XIV century with towers and loopholes, high, thick walls that can hold back the pressure of the enemy. Here you will be told many stories about the bloody prince Vlad Tepes. You can wander through the castle's corridors, go down into the dungeon and look into the well, at the bottom of which there is an entrance to the underground passage.

Be sure to check out the Fairy Valley Clay Castle, which has just opened near the city of Sibiu and is almost 100 km from the castle of "Count Dracula". In my opinion, this is the most unusual eco-hotel in all of Europe. The structure resembles mushroom houses, tightly pressed against each other. It seems that a fairy or a gnome is about to look out from behind the door. An exciting design was invented by Razvan and Gabriela Vasile - a married couple who once decided to leave Bucharest for the vastness of their native nature. This is how this hotel was born. It was also called clay for a reason. The hotel is entirely built from ecological materials: clay, grass, and stones. The owners are committed to sustainable living; even the food they serve in the hotel's kitchen comes from local farmers. There are only ten rooms in the fairy hotel, but each is a separate house with its entrance and everything you need for a comfortable stay.