Unity with nature
One of the principles of eco-tourism is unity with nature. It doesn't matter if you choose natural camping or comfortable accommodation in an eco-hotel. The main thing is that there is nature around, fresh air and a pleasant atmosphere.
Yes, the eco concept is inseparable from nature, so you rarely find such hotels in the city. Most often, these are secluded places, somewhere in natural areas. Such a vacation is suitable not only for extreme athletes and lovers of walking a lot. Honest eco-friendly hotels often provide opportunities for a relaxing holiday.

Most often, in such places, guests have some entertainment at their disposal. These are baths, spa centers, river or lake beaches, boats or kayaks, hiking, ethno tourism with the opportunity to get acquainted with the local population and their customs. Some hotels even provide hippotherapy services. Farm tourism is also gaining popularity when accommodation is complemented by communication and caring for animals and poultry.
But don't confuse eco-tourism and outdoor recreation. Still, the eco-option does not imply active "use" of nature. This is not about kebabs and songs by the fire.

Eco direction implies a minimal human impact on nature; remember the main rules of natural eco-tourism:
  • respect for the environment;
  • maximum unity with nature without intruding into it;
  • acquaintance with local customs and culture, care for them and their support;
  • participation of residents in ecological tourism.

There are not so many places in Russia where you can fully relax in merging with nature. One of them is located in Kazakhstan near Almaty. This is a mountain eco-hotel "Lesnaya Skazka". The uniqueness of his project is that the hotel rooms are located on trees. Comfortable cabins, located on different levels, supported on solid tree platforms, and offer double occupancy.

The hotel is located in the Oy Karagai gorge at the very foot of the Tien Shan in the Ile-Alatau National Park. Surrounded by pine forests and birch groves, this hotel invites you to seclusion and relaxation in nature. Hiking and horseback excursions are regularly organized in the surroundings and on the Ak Tas plateau to get acquainted with the local wildlife. The mountain resort-hotel is a permanent partner of the ecological movement "clean homeland".