Year of Ecology in Russia
2017 has been declared the Year of the Environment in Russia. This means that this topic will not only be relevant (it is always relevant) but will be given more attention. As for me, such an initiative should be constant and not depend on the year.
If we turn to the news, we will see that various natural and artificial disasters harm our planet every year. And we believe that only environmentalists and activists can help here. This is not the case; even while relaxing on the beach, you can contribute to the common cause of protecting and restoring nature. I decided to show you that rest can be environmentally friendly and talk about eco-hotels scattered worldwide.

If, at the words of an eco-hotel, you still imagine a tent in the forest, and collecting garbage with volunteers from entertainment, then your images are incorrect. Today, eco-hotels are modern, comfortable facilities built from environmentally friendly materials that have nature-saving features. Rest in such places is not only full-fledged but also helps to preserve the local ecosystem.

Primitive nature is sporadic in our time. There are very few such places on the plan. And we are lucky because in our country there are such places. For example, Altai. This is a beautiful land, covered with endless steppes and crossed by majestic mountains. Here you can still find places where people have never been, and you can see pristine nature and even rock paintings untouched by modern people.

Locals can tell you many legends passed down from generation to generation, show you the Altai Stonehenge, give you a medicinal broth and take you on a tour of their village from yurts. Our compatriots and foreigners come here to breathe in the mountain air and walk along the steppe.
But this fertile land also has its environmental problems. Atmospheric pollution, waste from industrial enterprises, irrational use of land resources are just the main troubles of the local nature. Ecologists strive to minimize human impact on the Altai ecosystem to preserve the natural beauty of this region for as long as possible.

It was here, in Gorny Altai, that one of the first real eco-hotels in our country opened its doors. Altika is the first eco-hotel in Gorny Altai. It was built in a pine forest on the banks of the Katun back in 2012. During the construction, natural materials and modern engineering solutions were used, making it possible to create conditions for energy saving throughout the hotel. The purification system does not allow any pollution to be released into the Katun water. The hotel buildings are heated in an economical mode, while the optimum temperature inside the premises is maintained by adequately selected building and finishing materials.

Both residents and lovers of Altai nature from all over the world come to relax in "Altika". There are many attractions close to the hotel. For example, the Tavda caves are labyrinths of underground passages with low maintenance holes and mysterious caves, where you can find traces of ancient civilizations. The Desatiruchka Museum is a craft workshop and a museum of Russian dolls in the village of Cheposh. The island of Patmos with a narrow suspension bridge leading to the temple and church of St. John the Evangelist. Arzhan-Suu spring, rich in silver and iron. Locals consider this water sacred.