Curonian Spit
Almost every traveler who comes to Kaliningrad strives to visit the Curonian Spit. Lake Swan, dancing trees, and sand barriers are just some of the attractions of the Curonian Spit.
A unique natural site and the most famous specimen of the Curonian Spit is the dancing trees. An ecological path leads through the forest with bizarrely curved trunks, following which you can see almost the entire 1 km of the unique forest.

In the village of Lesnoy, a visit-center "Museum Complex" has been opened, which tells about the diversity of fauna, vegetation, the history of fishing and forestry, the stages of settlement of the spit. Continuing along the path past the pine forest, dunes, you can go to the observation deck near Swan Lake. This freshwater lake is located in a small bay and is separated from it by a small isthmus.
Wild inhabitants of the Curonian Spit - moose, roe deer, wild boars, and many others live in the Rossitten forest, 2 km long. This is the most popular trail on the spit, which ends with a cozy observation deck.

Here you can also meet the goblin, Baba Yaga, the merman, and the kikimor, who live in the Museum of Russian Superstitions. All these characters are carved out of wood here by master Mikhail Semyonov.

And of course the beaches and the Baltic Sea. This is why people go to Kaliningrad most often. They are beautiful and warm here along the north.