My small homeland. I was born in this city, and it is still very dear to me. There is something to see, especially in this city of monuments.
Monument to parents, plumber, and janitor, a monument to students in front of the Moscow State Technical University. G.I. Nosov. Almost all of these sculptural monuments are located in parks or squares of the city. The most famous, of course, is the "Rear Front" in Victory Park. This monument is believed to be related to two other military sculptures. The Magnitogorsk sculpture depicts a worker and a soldier holding a sword high above their heads. This is the personification of the assistance that the rear servicemen provided to the front-line soldiers. But it is precisely the same sword that Rodin-Mother in Volgograd and a soldier in Berlin hold in his hand.

Magnitogorsk is a famous metallurgical city, and everyone here knows everything about metallurgical production. Many exciting stories, photos, and documents telling about this part of city life are kept on the Museum of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works walls. And the impressive panorama of the enterprise demonstrates all the subtleties of the technological process.

However, all tourists begin their inspection from the station square, a monument to the first steam locomotive and a sculpture of a metallurgist. All of them meet any guest arriving in Magnitogorsk by train.
I recommend taking a stroll around the German Quarter. This is an unexpected slice of Europe in the heart of a simple working-class town. The Quarter was built by captured Germans and had a unique charm. Two or one-story houses with cozy courtyards and artistically forged grilles on the gates. All this is in great contrast to the industrial architecture of the city.

Another unusual monument is the monument to the First Tent. It is made in the spirit of the true Soviet-style and is a minimalistic structure, similar to a triangle or a tent. The words are based on a poem by the local poet B. Ruched.

You can view the whole city and take panoramic photographs from the observation deck on Magnetic Mountain. Previously, there were developments here, but today the place has been exalted, a convenient observation deck has been made, from which the most impressive view of the city opens.