It was these places that inspired Isaac Levitan, and many travelers even compare Plyos with Switzerland. It's so beautiful, calm, and colorful here.
Plyos is one of the smallest cities in Russia. Chamber and colorful, he falls in love with himself the first time. The total area of the city is only 3 km2 and can be easily explored on foot. Just don't be in a hurry. This city, which lies on the banks of the Volga, disposes to leisurely walks.

The best way to start your acquaintance with the city is from the promenade along the embankment. Be sure to drop by local cafes and stroke the Plyos cat for good luck - the town's symbol, not far from the pier. This is a monument to the cat of the artist Vitaly Panchenko, whose name was Mukha.
Climb the Cathedral Mountain, and with your own eyes, you can see why Levitan and many artists loved these places so much. A panoramic view from a height of 70 meters will reveal all the beauties of the historical part of Plyos.

Return to the city and go through the shopping area to Kalashnaya Street - the oldest shopping street in the town. Here, like many leks ago, you can buy traditional things made at the hands of local craftsmen. Do not forget to drop by the Church of the Resurrection on the way, erected in honor of the victory over Napoleon in 1817.

Return to the dam and visit the Levitan House-Museum and the Artist's Mountain. A steep wooden staircase leads to the top. And on top of you is the famous Church of the Ascension of Christ and Levitan himself. The artist's sculpture is installed so that, standing next to it, you will see the same landscape from the master's painting "Above Eternal Peace".