From the Mansi language, it means "Small mountain of idols". No wonder, from afar, it looks like someone has placed so many tall stone giants 30-42 meters around.
The Mansi have always considered these places holy and were not allowed to come here. According to legend, these boulders are the remains of seven giants who went to conquer people. But they raised those who raised them to stone and remained standing for eternity.
However, this is a legend, but in nature, everything is entirely different. And these giant idols are just the result of the destruction of the mountains. As tourists call them, the navels were formed over many millions of years as a result of the weathering of the Ural Mountains. The weak rocks surrounding them collapsed, and these harder rocks survived and formed bizarre sculptures. The pillars of the Manpupuner plateau in 2008 were recognized as one of the seven wonders of Russia. And remoteness from other places helped to preserve the unique original nature of the Ural Mountains.