The Sulak River Canyon is a real highlight of Dagestan. A large-scale, magnificent, breathtaking canyon, which was washed out by the water of the Sulak River for centuries.
Picturesque views from the heights of the canyon are striking in their magnificence. Having come here for the first time, you feel like a tiny insect.

For many centuries, Sulak washed out a 53 km long canyon in the strata of sandstones and limestones. In some places, it expands to 3.5 kilometers. In others, it narrows to such an extent that a narrow strip of the river is barely visible below, which is one of the deepest in the region.
These places are often compared to the Grand Canyon in Colorado. And this is entirely justified because the Sulak canyon is one of the most majestic in the world. Its average depth is 1300 meters, and the maximum is 1920 meters.

The steepest walls are in the region of the Gimrinsky and Salatavsky ridges, then the relief softens. Escaping from the Miatlinsky canyon, the Sulak river flows into the Chiryurt reservoir. It is worth visiting this mountain range with your own eyes to see the splendor of the mountainous nature.