The unremarkable town of Teriberka was of no interest to mass tourists until 2014. Until the film "Leviathan" by Andrey Zvyagintsev came out, it was then that many tourists rushed to the Murmansk region to see the filming location of the film.
But this is a very atmospheric town, rich in attractions. The nature of the local regions is wild and exotic at the same time. Its central pearl is the northern lights. An extraordinary natural phenomenon can be observed in Teriberka from December to January. At this time, with little cloud cover, you could see how the night sky is painted with bright colored flashes.

Not far from the village, from a height of 20 meters, the waters of the Batareyskgo waterfall fall, whose waters then rush into the Barents Sea. One of the scenes of "Leviathan" was filmed here, here in the summer, the daredevils who are not afraid of the northern "heat" swim.

The most famous sight of Teriberka is the ship graveyard. A bit surreal and eerie place with the remains of several dozen remains of large and small wooden boats built in the first half of the 20th century and barges.
In the northern part of the village, on the banks of the river Teriberka, there is another fantastic attraction of this place - the beach "Dinosaur eggs". It is a rocky beach dotted with impeccable oval stones that resemble dinosaur eggs.

Not far from Teriberka, you can touch the history of the archaeological site. The sites of ancient people were discovered here. The finds date back to the early metal period and are approximately 3000 years old.

And, of course, the main decoration is the tundra. There are unique original landscapes of the tundra outside the village, which man has not yet touched. Its expanses are full of harsh northern beauty, which can rarely be found anywhere else.