Valley of Geysers
At the very edge of our homeland, on the Kamchatka Peninsula, there is a beautiful valley of geysers. The valley is located in the Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve, the territory of which is protected to preserve this unique natural area.
Many centuries ago, there was a lake here, which disappeared under the influence of volcanic processes, and in its place, fountains of boiling water began to burst out of the ground. This is how the valley of geysers was formed.

It was discovered not so long ago, only in 1941. The first discovered geyser was named "Firstborn", and all other large and small geysers were found. The valley was destroyed several times. First, a powerful typhoon, then a landslide, and finally, a mudflow changed the valley's shape several times. However, nature is so unique that the geysers not only did not disappear but also multiplied.
The largest of the geysers - "Giant", emits 30 tons of hot water per minute, the height of the boiling column is equal to the size of a nine-story building, and the column of steam rises 300 m. A roar accompanies this spectacle. To the west gushes "Pearl". It soars even in a calm state, and the height of the ejected fountain reaches 12 meters.