A very interesting city in Spain is Barcelona. One of the most touristic cities in the world. It has great beaches, amazing architecture, many attractions and quality service.
It will be very difficult to tell about everything that is in this incredible city. Enough impressions for a book.

Here you will see the Gothic Quarter and find out who founded Barcelona and how. With your own hands, you will touch the wall, which was built by the ancient Romans, and the columns that were erected under the supervision of Emperor Augustus - they are almost two thousand years old! You will walk along the square where the ministers of the Holy Inquisition burned witches. You will find out why the inhabitants of the medieval city begged the executioner for the feet of the executed. Count the geese in the courtyard of the Cathedral - there should be exactly as many of them as the age of the girl who was tortured by the pagans.
See the houses in which the townspeople live from the 10th century to the present day. Drink water from the magic fountain. See the bar where Hemingway and Picasso, Dali and Orwell got drunk. You will touch the doors of the house where the Barcelona vampire lived, who ran an orphanage.

Go to have lunch at a small, but unusually colorful tapas bar, where tourists usually do not reach, and where they prepare tapas "for their own". After lunch, take in the most beautiful views of the city from the observation deck located on Montjuïc Mountain. And further past the Museum of National Art of Catalonia and past the magical fountains, walk to the equally magical beauty of Plaza de España.
Of course, being in Barcelona and not looking at the main symbol of the city, the great long-term construction, the Sagrada Familia is just a crime. They say that visitors still see the ghost of Antoni Gaudi inside the temple.

Arc de Triomphe, Citadel Park, Born district, where you can buy delicious souvenirs, and then the port, the fishing area of Barceloneta and the promenade with beaches.

I just listed the minimum program - and so, there are so many things! I don't even want to tell everything - believe me, you just have to see it!