The good news this year is that you can fly to Dubai without first applying for a visa and get it for free upon arrival at the airport.
It would be a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity, and so, when I found the time, I rushed there.
Perhaps you have not yet decided where you want to go on vacation, in which case I will tell you why Dubai is the perfect place for beach, gastronomic, intellectual and any other tourism.

Let's start with a practical moment, which I already mentioned above: Russians and Ukrainians can enter the country on a free tourist visa for 30 days. The visa is put at the airport and it is very convenient - you can buy a plane ticket today and book a hotel overlooking the Persian Gulf, and tomorrow you can sit on the balcony of this hotel, enjoying the taste of coffee.
Another point related to finance concerns hotels. There is an opinion that all decent hotels in Dubai are very expensive - but this is not at all the case. You can find decent hotels up to $ 50, and those located near the sea cost up to $ 100, well, and for a little more than $ 100 you can rent a room in an excellent four-star hotel in one of the most popular areas of the city of Jumeirah Beach Residence.

If you want just a luxurious vacation - then this is definitely the place. It is not without reason that the most expensive and probably the most famous hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab, or the so-called Sail, is located here. But I want to say that high-quality service is here not only in the best hotels, but also in ordinary hotels for $ 50-100 per night. In Dubai, you can be sure that you will be welcomed everywhere like the most dear guests. Well, in addition to impeccable hotels, there are gorgeous beaches, magnificent embankments, gourmet restaurants, terraces with amazing views.
When it comes to entertainment: Dubai breaks all records because it is here that you will find the world's tallest tower, the world's largest shopping mall, the world's largest candy store, the Middle East's first ski center, the world's most luxurious hotel, and so on. ... And the most important attraction of Dubai is, of course, the Dubai Mall. And this is not just a shopping center, but the largest shopping center in the world.

Here you can find whatever popular brands you want. In addition to shops, there are such wonderful places as the world's largest candy store Candylicious, where sweets from all over the world are sold, a huge park of Sega computer games, in which both adults and children will disappear for half a day, a huge ice rink, a zoo, an aquarium, a tropical a garden with exotic plants and much more. A pleasant bonus for parents with children will be playrooms with animators, where you can leave children in the care of caring teachers and go shopping with peace of mind.

The Persian Gulf - it sounds tempting: endless beaches with fine golden sand, cries of restless seagulls, light breezes and high-quality service, then all doubts about "where to go to relax this year?" disappear by themselves.
Delicious Arabian cuisine will meet you here at every turn - falafel, hummus, a variety of fish and meat dishes, including such exquisite ones as lamb and camel meat, and, of course, tropical fruits that are brought here from all over the world, and Arabian sweets. The thick and oily Arabic coffee is very different from what we are used to. It is cooked in a special turk in hot sand.

It is never cold here, there are no rainy seasons. There are almost no cloudy days, and the notion of "out of season" is when it is too hot, not too cold. The high season in Dubai lasts from about the end of September to the beginning of May - during this period the air and water temperatures are as pleasant and comfortable as possible, but in summer it is too hot here to rest - the water in the bay sometimes warms up to 35C or even higher, and the air heats up to 45C. When it gets colder in Europe, Dubai flourishes and is ready to welcome warm-loving guests.

In general, Dubai is an incredible mixture of technologies of the future and traditions of the past. Beautiful women in hijabs, linen huts of nomads in the desert, a trumpet call for namaz five times a day, traditional Arab bazaars, coffee made in sand, harmoniously exist simultaneously with the highest technologies and all together this is a real miracle.