There are many reasons to fall in love with Italy - a pleasant climate, beauty in every city, beautiful language, delicious food, sympathetic and "lively" people. Each city and region of Italy will please you with something of its own and beckon to return sooner or later.
The most important thing is that in Italy you need to understand the inner world of Italians, their soul, relax and enjoy life itself, food, beauty. It may not work right away, but if you train for a long time, or maybe not for long, you will succeed. But then there is another danger - to fall in love with Italy, and then you will be constantly drawn here.

Cafes and restaurants in Italy are a special place, and it's not for nothing that people go on gastronomic tours around this country. In cafes, the owners themselves often work, they usually talk loudly about something, and visitors carefree huddle at small tables and, imagine, none of them is holding a phone in their hands.

Italian cuisine is a masterpiece: lasagna, ravioli, jamon, pizza, pasta, bruschetta, risotto, cheeses, wines and delicious tiramisu for dessert.
My old dream has come true - I visited one of the most romantic places on the planet - the fabulous Venice. Here we rode a rowboat along the large canal - I saw these places many times in pictures and videos, but in reality this city turned out to be even more beautiful. It is from the gondola that the city opens from the most unexpected and picturesque angles.
Milan is the fashionable capital of Italy, no doubt about it. The dazzling luxury of countless shops will turn the head of any young lady, and the windows, full of chic of the latest collections of leading designers, will surprise even the most sophisticated fashionistas with their originality. The main square of Milan is dominated by the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, which is the main attraction of the city. The cathedral was built for almost six centuries, there are over three thousand marble statues alone. This cathedral is deservedly recognized as a symbol of Milan and strikes the mind with its grandeur.

The very cozy town of Parma is a small, one might say, pedestrian town, founded BC. It was here that the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi lived and worked. Parma is known for its exquisite wine Lambrusco, the legendary cheese Parmigiano, and also the tender Parma ham of the same name.
Every traveler in Italy has a card in his photo archive with the "falling" tower in Pisa in the background. This is a favorite place for tourists who, as soon as they do not "stand out" against its background. I was no exception and also managed to make some funny shots.

Verona, the city praised by Shakespeare, never ceases to gather crowds of lovers at Juliet's balcony. A thousand pieces of paper with the names of her beloved are glued to the walls of her house. And while walking along the alley along the Adige River, you just want to cuddle with your soul mate.
A wonderful evening in a romantic city can be ended with an unforgettable dinner at the Osteria Ristorante Ponte Pietra Michelin-starred restaurant in Verona: courteous waiters, exquisite cuisine, magnificent interior, in a word, harmony in everything.

Italy is impressive and mesmerizing, if you do not know where to go on vacation, be sure to come here and you will not regret anything!