Madrid has a special place in my hit parade. Of course, there is not enough sea in the thirty-degree heat, so instead of the sea, you can throw yourself headlong into this motley, energetic and at the same time carefree abyss.
The city itself is very logical and understandable, and with a guidebook, there will be no problems with drawing up a survey plan. I was surprised to find myself thinking that here you catch a kind of familiar taste of the monumental spirit of imperial omnipotence and wasteful luxury, but at the same time there is no English arrogance and Austrian pathos. Everything is so fun and carefree that it seems as if all the inhabitants of Madrid have gone on summer holidays and have forgotten to return.
All kinds of street shows are very uplifting and attract attention. The artists are very talented and the audience pays them in return not only with money, but also with love. All kinds of genre - magicians, dancers, singers, living sculptures ...
There are especially many such performances in the Retiro Park. In addition, the park is a very beautiful place, before only guests of royal blood used to rest here, but now it is a favorite resting place for townspeople who ride skateboards and roller skates, read books, kiss on benches.

There is no shortage of monuments and monuments in Madrid at all: Don Quixote cast in bronze with his faithful friend Sancho Panza. In Puerto del Sol, a Madrid heraldry bear is eating a raspberry bush. And lions, cast from metal cannons captured during the war with Morocco, guard the palace of the Congress of Deputies.

While relaxing in cafes and restaurants, you need, despite all the gastronomic excesses, to look around in both eyes - pickpockets are wielding. This is very common in Spain in general.
Overall, Madrid is ideal for a holiday destination for all tourist needs. Be sure to take the time to visit museums: even if you are not a connoisseur of painting, it is worth seeing the famous Guernica Picasso or St. Carolina by Caravaggio. Three museums (Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofia Museum) allow you to enjoy the masterpieces of Van Gogh, Dali, Velazquez and other masters.