Spain is famous not only for bullfighting, national holidays and customs. In every corner of this warm, southern country, you can find a monument or landmark that tells about the past of this beautiful state of Europe.
The colorful costumes, singing of national songs to the accompaniment of guitars and banjos, all kinds of carnival celebrations, processions through the streets of cities of numerous demonstrations in carnival costumes - all this bears the national flavor and the multitude of talents of the Spanish people.

First of all, Spain is known for its endless beaches, which make it possible to relax comfortably on the coast. The country is washed by the welcoming waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The shores themselves amaze with the beauty of cliffs and white beaches, lagoons and grottoes. The state owns two archipelagos with hundreds of beautiful islands. These are comfortable hotels with yachts and pleasure boats. And uninhabited, at first glance, mysterious islands with virgin forest, golden sand of the coast. All this will give you an unforgettable vacation and you will want to come here again and again.
For lovers of ski holidays, there are excellent bases in the mountain systems, which are equipped with slopes of any complexity.

If you want to get acquainted with the creations of great artists, then in Spain there are many places associated with the life and work of famous painters.
The sun shines for more than three hundred days on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. This guarantees not only a pleasant, but also a varied type of recreation at the sea for lovers of sunny beaches, sea baths, attractive bronze tan. For those who enjoy surfing the waves, the Atlantic offers many unforgettable surfing days.

If you have a desire to sail on a yacht or pleasure boat, then get ready for an exciting sailing trip along the picturesque seaside. To experience all these pleasures, crowds of tourists from Europe come to the Spanish resorts. The most developed service of beach leisure in the Canary Islands - here you can relax with all the amenities and pleasure, breathe in the national flavor of the Spanish people.
The southernmost ski resort in Europe, where snow lies on the peaks all year round, is the Sierra Nevada. In the northeast, in the majestic Pyrenees and in the center of the country, there are ski resorts. Due to the developed infrastructure, these places are ideal for outdoor activities. Combining skiing with downhill skiing allows the presence of all kinds of trails and terrain. All the necessary equipment for sports can be rented directly at the sports centers. Convenient modern lifts guarantee safety and convenience, and hotels of all categories will ensure a calm and comfortable stay. By the way, there is a single entry visa and you can use the ski resorts of the neighboring territories of France and Andorra. This will add positive emotions and add variety for the entire period of rest.
An incredibly large number of architectural monuments and ancient architecture, natural parks and national reserves make people from all over the world come back here to look again at the beauty of nature and human achievements. Touch the ancient stones that keep the past centuries. Spain sacredly preserves the memory of great compatriots - many museums have been created in the country dedicated to the life and work of painters and sculptors, writers and poets. You should definitely visit Barcelona, Madrid, Seville.